Games by Phanes

Ruin Me

In Barrowport, a town of dark mysteries, the young woman said, “I want you to ruin me.”

As a professor of antiquities, you assumed your new position would involve investigating strange artifacts and stories of monsters. You didn’t expect that young Theresa Radcliffe would know your forbidden secret or that she would beg you to lead her down a path of depravity.

In this queer erotic horror visual novel, you train Miss Radcliffe in the ways of perversion while seeking out mysteries that will lead to your own erotic peril. Choose to play a man or woman, cis or trans. You will find yourself in both dominant and submissive situations.

Themes: nightmares, sexual training, submission/domination, erotic peril, monster sex (including bestial monsters), body horror, forced orgasms, oviposition, body fluids, mind control, and more. More extreme kinks are optional and come with warnings.

Available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Android.