Ruin Me 0.3.0

The first update for Ruin Me is live! It’s currently available to anyone who’s pledged $2 or more on my Patreon:

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This release includes:

  • The working exploration system, where you earn Ken that represents understanding of the Barrowport area and spend it to uncover new locations, scenes, and expeditions.
  • The new Farmer’s Offspring side event, available via exploring outside the town.
  • The new Impassable Passage expedition, available via exploring outside the town, which is Theresa-focused and explores voyeurism, claustrophobia, and group sex themes as well as giving some hints at broader story. ¬†This also includes a new outfit that Theresa wears during the expedition!¬†
  • The new “Massage Theresa (Clothed)” play option, available in Theresa’s chambers once she has sufficient stats.
  • New stat requirements on play options where they were previously implicit.
  • A fix for the Mica Sign prompt being visible in Theresa’s chambers after that expedition is done.

This one arrived quickly, because I was working on it while setting up the blog and other sites. The next version might take a month or longer, but once that lands, this version will be available for free on Itch:

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