Ruin Me 0.22.1 Public; 0.23.0 Out for Patrons

The new version of Ruin Me is out for patrons! The latest patron version adds body markings and an expansion to the Reform Institute with a minor ruination, while the latest free version adds a play scene and outfits.

You can always get the current free version on

Please note: to upgrade on desktop, unzip the archive into a new directory. Your saves should carry over. Do not unzip over the previous version, as this can cause bugs.

If you want behind-the-scenes design notes, previews of upcoming releases, new versions as soon as they’re released, and the ability to vote on priorities or submit new random snippets, sign up to my Patreon!

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The new patron version is 0.23.0p and adds:

  • A scene where Theresa updates you on what she’s learned about the Reform Institute in the beginning of Act III, accessible in Dr. Harvey’s office in the old chapel.
  • The ability to customize the Reform Institute, unlocked by the above scene. There are four different aspects you can improve.
  • A new minor ruination, “Rescue a Boston Marriage”, letting you help a couple regain their intimacy. It’s available in the cellar of the Reform Institute in Act III once Theresa has informed you about the “birds”.
  • Temporary body marking, unlocked by speaking to Pappy in the drugstore. Theresa will let you apply certain markings once her Depravity or Permissivity is 2 or 3; talk to her in her chambers.
  • Assorted minor revisions and fixes.

​Version 0.22.1 is now public, adding:

  • A play scene: “Kiss Theresa as you masturbate each other”, available at Experience 2 and Permissivity 1.
  • Outfit customization for Theresa, available in her chambers and unlocked by stat requirements or events that introduce outfits.
  • Previously-existing outfits are her normal dress, her négligée, the caving outfit, and nudity.
  • Additional outfits: a short, beaded fringe dress; an investigator outfit with suspenders; and mesh lingerie. They are available in a new exploration location outside town, purchasable with Ken.
  • Alternate narration for Theresa’s first wearing of her négligée, for screenreaders and folks with images off.
  • Revisions to existing scenes with Theresa to account for her potentially being already naked.
  • An almost complete rework of Theresa’s standard standing pose.
  • An improvement to Meg’s artwork.

Perverts who sign up to the $2 Patreon tier or above get access to advance versions of new builds and the patron-exclusive Reminisce feature, which lets you replay old erotic sequences that otherwise can’t be revisited and take new paths through them. $5 patrons can guide development priorities with polls and suggestions and submit additions to random snippets that show up during play. 0.23.x will go public once the next patron-only build goes live. If you want to contribute to the game’s development, please become a supporter on Patreon!

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