Ruin Me 0.55.0: A Public Display for Halloween

The new version of Ruin Me is out for patrons, adding a new graduation and various other enhancements!

You can always get the current free version on, and it’s now playable on the web! For information on what’s new in the free version, check out the previous update post.

Please note: to upgrade on desktop, unzip the archive into a new directory. Your saves should carry over. Do not unzip over the previous version, as this can cause bugs.

If you want behind-the-scenes design notes, previews of upcoming releases, new versions as soon as they’re released, and the ability to vote on priorities or submit new random snippets, sign up to my Patreon!

Become a Patron!

Version 0.55.0-p is exclusive to patrons for a limited time and adds:

  • A new graduation option for Theresa, “A Public Display”, which unlocks when Theresa’s stats are all at 4 and begins by talking to Theresa in her chambers. This option is available instead of the orgy or the private gathering, and is the final graduation option. This involves spending a day touring the town with Theresa and has various options:
    • You select a dynamic for the day: you and Theresa show off together, you have group sex with Theresa, you watch Theresa have sex, or you and Theresa submit to the townsfolk.
    • You select an approach for the day: you are performing a strange mystical festival, you are staging an elaborate contest, or you are getting drunk all day. Each approach has additional choices associated with it.
    • You choose the sequence of stops for your tour through town. Each approach has one exclusive stop that you can choose.
  • Three new, very revealing outfits for Theresa, each one matching one of the types of festival you can run. These become available to purchase from the Tailor for Ken after any graduation is complete.
  • An overhaul of the mobile quick buttons (Back, Hide, Menu, Skip). They should now be much easier to tap, especially on phones with rounded edges. I welcome feedback on the new style!
  • Updates to many of Theresa’s poses, including better shading and an adjustment for the boob window on the cheongsam outfit to show off her chest freckles.
  • Another revision to Cathy’s art. Her shirt is no longer held closed by magic, but by normal buttons (and a lot of confidence).
  • Many minor enhancements and fixes.

The patron version also has the Reminisce feature, which lets you replay old erotic sequences that otherwise can’t be revisited and take new paths through them. $5 patrons can access a special cheat menu, guide development priorities with polls and suggestions, and submit additions to random snippets that show up during play. The current latest version will go public once the next patron-only build goes live. If you want to contribute to the game’s development, pleaseĀ become a supporter on Patreon!

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