Ruin Me 0.58.0.p: Geography and Exhibitionism

The new version of Ruin Me is out, adding a new play scene, a new minigame, and other improvements!

You can always get the current free version on, and it’s now playable on the web! For information on what’s new in the free version, check out the previous update post.

Please note: to upgrade on desktop, unzip the archive into a new directory. Your saves should carry over. Do not unzip over the previous version, as this can cause bugs.

If you want behind-the-scenes design notes, previews of upcoming releases, new versions as soon as they’re released, and the ability to vote on priorities or submit new random snippets, sign up to my Patreon!

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Version 0.58.0.p adds:

  • A new “Engage in public sex with [Terry]” play scene available from the “Advanced Play” menu, allowing for public and/or group sex in town. This requires Depravity 3, Experience 4, Permissivity 3.
    • You may have public sex with Terry, engage in a threesome, have sex with Terry watching, or watch Terry have sex.
    • You choose the destination sequence of activities in this encounter.
    • If you let Terry pick the partner, you may ask to roleplay as if you dislike their choice, although you may always use your safe word. If you pretend to object, Terry will choose the sequence of activities and tease you during the scene.
    • Some parts of the sequence are currently missing art. I hope to add a new Terry pose in a future update that will resolve this.
  • A conversion and minor expansion of an existing interaction from visiting at night into a play scene, “Watch [t_theresa] masturbate.” It’s in the “Experienced Play” menu, requiring Experience 3.
  • The ability to trigger certain play scenes when visiting Terry at night.
    • If Terry has been assigned to go into town at night for sex, you may join them.
    • You may still watch Terry masturbate if you’ve given them instructions to do so at night.
  • A new branch for the “Receive a thorough massage” play scene, allowing you to receive a “happy ending” if Terry’s Experience is high enough. This is an experiment with allowing more advanced play options in more basic play scenes.
  • Names for the bar, bookstore, and drugstore: The Morrow’s Berth, Hitchup Books, and Pappy’s Medicine.
  • A “Geography” side activity at Hitchup Books, where you compare local maps to learn more about the Barrowport landscape.
    • Each geography session gives you a resource called Uncanny Bearings, which is now required to discover new town locations.
    • Entering a new act unlocks a new (optional) level of complexity for geography.
    • Geography also yields Ken, with higher difficulties giving more Ken.
    • You may always skip this activity once it has been started; you still earn the resources for it.
  • New “Chat” topics for Arthur Hitchup at Hitchup Books.
  • Wandering outside town for Ken has been removed.
  • An image for the specimen jar curio from “The Mica Sign,” visible during the expedition and in your bedroom afterward.
  • A fix for an issue where Terry’s outfit would not visibly change when picking a more modest version of the dress or cardigan outfit.
  • A revision to the art for Pappy’s lab coat.
  • A revision to “The Empty Hull” expedition, adding more sounds and adjusting the text pacing.
  • Many small fixes and enhancements.

The patron version also has the Reminisce feature, which lets you replay old erotic sequences that otherwise can’t be revisited and take new paths through them. $5 patrons can access a special cheat menu, guide development priorities with polls and suggestions, and submit additions to random snippets that show up during play. The current latest version will go public once the next patron-only build goes live. If you want to contribute to the game’s development, pleaseĀ become a supporter on Patreon!

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