Ruin Me 0.44.0: Valentine’s Breakfast Perversion

The new version of Ruin Me is out for patrons! With this update, the free version adds ambient events in town as well as an outfit and a play scene with Theresa. Patrons can now play the latest update, which includes a seasonal outfit, another play scene, a new night music scene, and a choice of various normal and perverse breakfast routines.

You can always get the current free version on

Please note: to upgrade on desktop, unzip the archive into a new directory. Your saves should carry over. Do not unzip over the previous version, as this can cause bugs.

If you want behind-the-scenes design notes, previews of upcoming releases, new versions as soon as they’re released, and the ability to vote on priorities or submit new random snippets, sign up to my Patreon!

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Version 0.44.0p is patron-only, adding:

  • Seven breakfast routines to choose from, each including variations. Some require Theresa to have certain stats. After breakfast, Theresa will make conversation that may include guidance for how to proceed in the game. They’re available by talking to Meg in the servants’ office. You can skip breakfast entirely with the “I’ll take it in my room” option.
  • The “Have Theresa penetrate you with a strap-on” play scene with choice of moods, available in Theresa’s quarters once you have reached Permissivity 3.
  • The “Cappriccio di Calamari” night music, allowing a dream of messy tentacles. With Permissivity 3, Theresa can join in.
  • A new outfit for Theresa: the Heart-Motif Cheongsam outfit. It’s available from the Tailor, found by exploring out of town. Within two weeks of Valentine’s Day (Feb 14), it’s available for free; for the rest of the year, it costs Ken like other outfits.
  • Adjustments to the cost of the Tailor’s outfits, making more revealing and out-of-place outfits cost more Ken.
  • A fix for coitus play being available at Experience 3 instead of Permissivity 3.
  • New options for Theresa’s standing pose artwork, letting her hold and sip from a teacup filled with various substances.
  • An update to a branch of the Advanced Depravity training in urolagnia to make it use the new teacup art.
  • New options for Theresa’s “on top” pose artwork, supporting her use of a strap-on. Other art for the pose has been improved.
  • Improvements to Theresa’s caver outfit, investigator’s outfit, and standard dress to allow for more arm mobility.
  • An improvement to diminutive terms used for nonbinary protagonists (e.g. “good pet”).
  • An improvement to the epithet Cathy uses for nonbinary protagonists.
  • Adjustments and improvements to the ambience and random text generation systems.
  • An improvement to Dr. Harvey’s art to be scaled to better match other characters.
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.

Version 0.43.2 is public for free download and adds:

  • The “Penetrate Theresa’s ass” play scene with various choices, available in Theresa’s quarters once you have completed the appropriate training.
  • Ambience events with procedural text which randomly play in town, with more added with progress through the story. By default, one is played the first time you enter town in a time period (Morning, Evening, etc.). In the preferences, you can turn them off entirely or make them play every time you enter town.
  • A cheat option for Center of Attention patrons that lets you give yourself Ken, edit Theresa’s stats, and skip acts.
  • A dialogue option to the end of Act I that clarifies Theresa’s goals.
  • Vaginal and anal sex as an option for Theresa’s random invitations when you enter her chambers, once you’ve trained her in them (and increased the chances of invitations).
  • A new outfit for Theresa: the trendy Gris swimsuit, originally designed by the artist Vertigris. It’s purchasable from the Tailor, found by exploring out of town.
  • The ability to have Theresa pick a different outfit each day from those available.
  • A fix for the alignment of labial blush in Theresa’s standing pose.
  • Revisions to the introductory sequence to better match the current style.
  • Fixed an issue that was resulting in documentation not getting included in distributions.
  • Upgraded Ren’Py from to This should hopefully cause no change in previous functionality but should improve compatibility. Note that Android’s internal version number is now based on a timestamp rather than the game’s semantic version.
  • Minor fixes and enhancements.

The patron version also has the Reminisce feature, which lets you replay old erotic sequences that otherwise can’t be revisited and take new paths through them. $5 patrons can access a special cheat menu, guide development priorities with polls and suggestions, and submit additions to random snippets that show up during play. The current latest version will go public once the next patron-only build goes live. If you want to contribute to the game’s development, pleaseĀ become a supporter on Patreon!

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